Type of Appraisal Services

All the fees are flat fees and are not a contingent fee or a percentage fee.

All appraisals and/or related expenses such as depositions and court appearances to be prepaid unless otherwise authorized in writing prior to requested service.

Standard Appraisal

In House

Standard Appraisal

At your location
Standard appraisal is for fair market value to purchase insurance, etc.
$150.00 plus travel time

Customized Vehicle Appraisal

In House
$200.00 - $250.00

Customized Vehicle Appraisal

At your location. Plus travel time.
$200.00 - $250.00

Pre-purchase appraisal plus travel time.

$300.00 with lift
$350.00 without lift

Hypothetical Appraisal


Prior-to Accident Appraisal

At Vehicle location
Prior-to accident appraisal is to establish fair market value of vehicle prior to an accident that has occurred. (Total Loss Occurrence).
$300.00 plus travel time

Arbitration Appraisal

At Vehicle location
Arbitration appraisal is when two other parties request me to arbitrate their appraisals. Total cost to be split between other parties.
$350 If travel is not required

Court Testimony - Expert Witness

$300.00 per hr.
plus travel time

Court Deposition

$300.00 per hr.
plus travel time
72 hour cancellation notice required 3 hr. minimum
plus travel time

Fee Add-Ons

CarFax Vehicle History Report

Where applicable
$30.00 each


minimum 5, maximum 8
$30.00 per appraisal

Travel Time

Round Trip 45 min. and under
Round Trip 1 hour


Additional travel time quoted upon request.

Multi Car discounts available.

PayPal fee to be added to above.

Military Discount with ID