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The brief NG Mopar Club article says it all in the April newsletter:

Hot Rod for a Hero

A year and a half project came to a very successful end on March 13th. In attendance were 76 people who had some part in the project or were Josh’s family. It was truly a surprise! A smoke screen was laid for Josh…he was led to believe that this was a Mopar Club meeting and there was a hint that he was going to be made an honorary club member. After a short trip to the food trough in the game room of Joe Suchy, everyone else disappeared from the room and Joe pushed the car out of his shop on the beautiful sunny warm day. Joe led Josh outside…his knees buckled!!! The Fayette Citizen and Channel 11 WXIA-TV were in attendance.

The letter of thanks from the Hero, Josh, says it all.

My friends, and friends is a term I use loosely, as you are all like family to me now. It’s been three weeks since the Charger was revealed to me, and I still live every moment in disbelief. I said prior to coming back to the States, that the Charger would be my instrument in self recreation. I was wrong though, the instrument is love. The love that each of you have shown to me, through your sacrifice, generosity, and sheer amount of caring, has touched me in a way I cannot begin to explain. You all have restored my faith in people as a whole. It’s very comforting to know that, while my brothers and I do what we do, there are people like you back at home, waiting for our return with endless love.

Thank you again, a thousand times over. Should you ever see the Charger on the street, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, approach me, let you know had a part in my miracle, because I would love to shake your hand and thank you in person, maybe even offer a foot rub!

Thanks to all of you again.

With Much Gratitude,
Joshua Searcy

The paint job for this Hero’s car and the special vehicles in the sidebar are the product of Midway Collision [no longer in business]. A good portion of the body work was also due to the finesse of Mr. Flott, Joe Suchy and other N. GA Mopar Club Members were the other magnets in making this dream mechanically a reality.

I had the honor of appraising the Hero’s car.

Mouse Prosen
Semper Fi
"I am a proud owner of a one of a kind 2006 S-197 GT Mustang Coupe named Saphira. She started out as a bone stock GT Mustang. In 2006, I had my 16th major operation, I was injured in a helicopter accident while serving America as a U.S. Marine. Needless to say, I was going through hell and serious depression so I need something to keep my mind focused on. In 2006, Ford came out with a Limited Edition Screaming Yellow Mustang so this is where my journey begins. A little at a time I started building Saphira. In and out of the VA hospital I worked on my Dream Car. She became my sanctuary and therapy. As of today, I have had 18 major operations and Saphira is 99% complete. She has been published in 5 magazines, three calendars, two TV spots and a rap music video. Saphira was a Featured Show Vehicle at the SEMA show and we were asked to bring her back this year. When it comes to trusting someone to do a professional appraisal, there is no one better than Mr. John E. Feith. Not only is John an Expert Appraiser with 38 years in the business, John is a former U.S. Marine. We became friends immediately. I sent him all my receipts and pictures of Saphira during her build all the way to her completion. After a few short days, I received a professional appraisal that I sent to my insurance agent. I was able to insure Saphira for Full Replacement Value because of the outstanding job John did for me. John is a member of SEMA which should speak for its self. I can't say enough about John's professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. I highly recommend to anyone who has a classic car, muscle car or collector car to do what me and many other people have done and give John a call. There is no better way to get that correct protection for your baby. Thank you for your service to America and to the fellow car collector/owner."

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